About Us

Software for the Built Environment  

Altuity’s asset and maintenance management software helps you manage and maintain the built environment – including schools, workplaces and underground assets such as utility services.


We live, learn, work and socialise in buildings and workplaces – ensuring these are safe, well maintained and comply with a range of regulations is essential. In addition, technology changes continually shape our lives – at Altuity we want to use these advances to benefit people, assets and the built environment.


Altuity was founded by Steve Voller who has over 25 years’ experience of delivering complex asset management solutions to clients around the world. 

Steve Voller, Founder Altuity Solutions

We handpick the enterprise level functionality which gives organisations the most valuable business insights. All without losing the sophistication of a higher-end solution - previously only the domain of bigger businesses. This leads to better, more affordable asset and maintenance management software; including for those organisations currently using manual or spreadsheet-driven processes.

  As well as helping organisations keep up to date with the latest regulations and technologies, our easy-to-use software is cloud-based and can be used in the office or while mobile via a secure online portal.    

Our flexible user or site based subscription packages ensure you only need to license those functions that you'll benefit from using.


At the heart of Altuity’s AltoSites and AltoSUE software solutions is the presentation of data and reports in a highly intuitive visual style, which is quick and easy to understand and ideal for presenting to others in an accessible format.