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We develop software which helps you maintain buildings, workplaces and assets creating the perfect environment for people to live, learn, work and socialise in. The use of maps, floor and site plans, 360° photospheres and augmented reality provide you with a unique way to work enabling you to manage data and information in more intuitive and productive ways.

Altuity’s CAFM/CMMS compliance, asset and maintenance software helps you manage and maintain the built environment. Our scaleable software enables you to manage schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. As well as above ground assets and estates we uniquely provide software to manage underground assets such as utility services and buried assets in your estate, in the highway or on a construction site.

From Frustration to Founder

Altuity was founded by Steve Voller in 2015.  Early in his career, as a frustrated end user, he could see the importance of providing intuitive software and the need to make it easy to access information to gain insights from the data being managed. This led Steve on a journey which over 25 years has involved founding and co-founding two previous software companies which delivered complex asset management solutions to enterprise clients around the world. 

Steve Voller, Founder Altuity SolutionsSome (not all!) of this enterprise level functionality can benefit smaller organisations. Altuity uses advances in visualisation technology to provide users with rich functionality in easy-to-use ways. This means you can work effectively; have the functionality you need and gain insights into your data. 

Presenting information in easily understood ways also helps you work more collaboratively while saving time. We help you get the decision support and buy-in you need from colleagues, senior managers or other stakeholders such as governors or trustees. 

From Complexity to Simplicity

Life's complicated at times but we believe in simplicity: from the way our software does the hard work for you to the way we work with you. Whether you're a software user or a business partner we want you to succeed. Your success is our success.

Industry Recognition

Our innovative use of visualisation technology is increasingly being recognised by technologists and facilities and maintenance professionals.

In February, 2019 we won the Technology in FM Award in the Innovation in Technology category:

                i-FM Technology in FM Award       

In December, 2018 we were shortlisted for the Most Innovative use of Software/Cloud Technology in the annual Go:Tech Awards:

                        GoTech Award