Maximising the value of spreadsheet assets

The latest release of AltoSites and AltoSUE includes enhancements to help asset and maintenance managers locate spreadsheet data on site and floor plans without needing CAD software. It enables users to:-


  • Automatically locate data on site and floor plans e.g. by room or asset identifier;
  • Automatically cluster data on plans e.g. where there is a lot of data for a room automatically cluster it for convenience and clarity;
  • Automatically cluster data in defined map locations such as in estates, grounds and construction sites;
  • Automatically cluster data in locations defined by a user including by user-definable attribute information e.g. cluster all documents of a particular type together such as separating leases from insurances or by user-definable labels which do not exist in plans.


This powerful functionality can be used for both physical and intangible assets such as lease and insurance records.