Site Records Management Video

Illustrating the key concepts of our site records solution for site and facilities managers required an explainer video. How did we arrive at this decision and what lessons did we learn ?

Site and facilities managers work in a complex environment. They manage a vast array of data ranging from site survey data and plans through to health and safety records, risk assessments, assets, inspections and defects etc.

Asset and Maintenance data
A diverse range of Asset and Maintenance data

Maintaining site records for compliance with statutory regulations as well as for operational reasons is vitally important. Given the challenge of these responsibilities how best to explain AltoSites™ a cloud based solution managing this data ?

A picture speaks a 1,000 words so a short explainer video ought to say a lot more. Watching a quick insight into a solution or product is extremely useful when trying to quickly understand whether something is relevant to your needs. So we decided to use an explainer video to showcase the key benefits and features of AltoSites.

Key factors for our video

  • Our industry and the managers maintaining sites and facilities

A key challenge was deciding what to include and what to leave out. What information does a viewer need to see to help decide whether AltoSites deserves further consideration ? For us the challenge was how to convey the simplicity and ease of use of AltoSites whilst illustrating its key benefits.

We decided to focus on the visual use of maps and CAD plans within a browser environment upon which site records and assets are managed.

For many site and facilities

Floor plans and asset managemen
Floor plans and asset management

managers this is the first time they will have had access to this level of visualisation. The ability to use maps and CAD plans interactively to locate and query data without expensive third-party software whether you’re in a built environment or on a new construction site provides significant benefits.

  • Video design and imaging

Having decided on the content how best to show this within the video ? A search on the web quickly revealed many styles ranging from 2D or 3D cartoon character type approaches; white board simulations and graphics through to real life filming.

We’re in a business to business not a business to consumer industry. We felt that our viewers needed a professional and intelligent approach which didn’t risk trivialising site records management.

We discounted the cartoon based imagery often led by a character, as potentially being inappropriate and distracting. The white board videos are good for presentation style videos but lacked the ability to give insight into the real software.

Managing defects on a plan and map
Managing defects on a plan and map

We opted for a graphical representation which follows the concepts and workflow used within AltoSites combined with a professional voice over and the non-intrusive use of music in the background.

Key Lessons Learned

  1. Focus – identify the key messages you need to convey
  2. Prototype – test ideas and flow with storyboards
  3. Balance – the script is as important as the visuals
  4. Brevity – 1:30 – 2 minutes in length is generally acceptable which means at most 250 – 300 words  (this was a challenge !)
  5. Flexibility – be ready to accept changes in direction or emphasis as your concept and ideas develop – ensure you have this flexibility built into your project costs and timelines.
  6. Coherence – ensure there’s consistency between messaging, graphics, brand, voice over and music. No single element should compete with others for attention.

Our AltoSites’ explainer video is here and end of screen credits and thanks go to:-

The $64million dollar question is what did you think of our video ?!