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OpenSUE™ is an open data standards initiative from Altuity for use in Subsurface Utility Engineering.    OpenSUE is intended to provide a protocol for the exchange and integration of data between systems involved in the collection and management of underground assets and buried services data.

We believe there is an opportunity to improve the management of underground assets and buried utility services by improving data interoperability. This information is vital to the subsurface utility engineering sector’s support for safer working environments; minimising risk and improving operating efficiencies.

The challenge of maintaining underground assets and buried services is complicated by the many software solutions being deployed to manage the data. These systems are involved in collecting and managing data from the field through to back office asset and maintenance management solutions.

Each system uses its own data formats - such diversity is to be welcomed as it encourages innovation. However, there is no common standard in place to promote wider data integration across the federated systems environment that exists in the underground asset management world.  If you’re interested in finding out more please contact us or let us know your thoughts on this new initiative via Twitter.

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