Roof inspection and condition surveys.

Managing the condition and maintenance of roofs is an essential activity.

The increasing use of drones has made roofs much more accessible for surveys saving costs and making it safer to collect data. However, whether a roof survey is done by drone and/or physical inspection there’s a need to accurately record the results and present the information clearly and effectively.

Facilities managers need this information for their own purposes and to share roof inspection results with their team and other stakeholders. Post-completion reports provided by service and maintenance contractors provide a vital record of what’s been done.

Equally, companies providing roof services and roof maintenance need to present their clients with easy to understand and accessible data.

Typically a survey report, with photographs, is used as the basis for sharing roof condition and maintenance information between the service provider and their client – the site or facilities manager. In the video below I introduce a new way which:

  • promotes better engagement,
  • increases accountability and transparency, and
  • for roofing companies adds value and differentiates their services.

In part 2 we’ll look at the 360 degree images that have been collected and their use in an integrated plan and aerial image environment. This can be used as an online collaborative work space to the benefit of clients (building owners) and roof inspection and maintenance service providers.

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