Better compliance

Meeting an increasing array of standards and regulatory requirements for subsurface utility engineering is challenging.

AltoSUE helps you by supporting a range of international regulatory, statutory and quality standards. For example:


  • UK PAS128, PAS 256 & HSG 47
  • US ASCE Standard 38-02 and Common Ground Alliance (CGA) standards.
  • Australia AS 5488-2013, Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) – Standard S250 Mapping of Underground Utility Infrastructure
Enhanced safety

Compliance with standards results in safer and improved working practises. It also demonstrates a professional and thorough approach to subsurface utility engineering activities.

Minimising the risk of accidental damage and service strikes not only protects on site workers and minimises direct costs it also helps protect professional reputation.


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