AltoSites helps the academy across all areas of asset and inventory management, compliance, inspections and reactive maintenance. Mark Branch, the deputy head, talks about how the software saves them time and money.

“AltoSites has given the Academy a much greater understanding of the organizational side of our work and the governing body feel much more confident that we are compliant and that we are risk aware. It will save you time and money. It has us.”

Mark Branch, Deputy Head
Churchill Academy and Sixth Form

“The new system provides clear communication lines for the staff using it as well as for the Estates office, an element of ownership of the job requested and improves time management with clarity provided on the progress of the job requested.” 


Paul Lindop, Facilities Manager
Derwen College

“AltoSites is getting a lot of use and is great, we keep making new discoveries! It has the option of being as technical as you like or it can be used at a base level which can be expanded upon when ready.” 


David Gibson, Operations Supervisor
Mary Hare School

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