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AltoSites™ is a facilities management (CAFM) system for school business managers, bursars and facilities managers on public, private and commercial premises. It drives efficiency and reduces the complexity and cost of compliance, maintenance and asset management activities.

Your assets, facilities requests, defects, condition surveys, accidents/incidents and inspections are accessible in the office or on the move – giving you complete visibility and control of your site(s).

Managers and site teams currently using spread sheet or manual processes now have an alternative – AltoSites: a cost-effective solution for education and commercial premises management that consolidates all the information about your facilities and assets.

At the heart of AltoSites is the management and presentation of data and reports in a highly intuitive visual style. Quick and easy to understand and ideal for presenting to others in an understandable way you’ll be better placed to manage information and work with your stakeholders.

Helping you work smarter

Our unique technology means you can directly link your data to maps, site and floor plans and manage activity through a contextual view of your site . This gives you a bird’s eye view of your information, providing intuitive at-a-glance understanding.

For those internal spaces, or external areas such as roofs, where you want even better visualisation integrate your plans or aerial images with 360° imagery. 

Take a virtual walk around your site – panning and zooming as you go – all from the comfort of your desk or your mobile device to make it quicker and easier to find the asset or issue needing your attention.

Manage your data intuitively and more efficiently

How AltoSites benefits you

Gain insights | Work smarter | Better outcomes

From 2D to 360° data visualisation

Using maps, site/floor plans, aerial images and 360° photospheres as the way to manage your data provides unparalleled context .

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Asset management

A fully configurable asset database enables you to manage any type of asset ensuring your current and future needs can be met.

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Preventative and reactive maintenance

Use AltoSites’ capabilities to manage your preventative and reactive maintenance.

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Inspection scheduling and compliance

Any regular, planned inspection activity can be scheduled and managed within AltoSites.

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Cleaning management

Easily collect, manage and report on your cleaning data. Manage key Covid-19 demands such as cleaning team bubbles and isolation bubbles.

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Contracts and document management

Receive alerts and manage your contracts and documents in a central repository to store and share them. 

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Condition data and capital projects

Record condition data and manage capital projects. For example, schools can access and manage condition survey data.

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Mobile working

Accessing information and creating or updating records on site leads to smarter, more efficient working and better responsiveness.

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Dashboards, reports and analytics

Gain analytical insights and provide clear information to your colleagues.

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Roof inspections and maintenance

Manage your roof data on plans and overlay them with aerial imagery making maintenance more effective.

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Accident and incident management

Many organisations aspire to achieve Zero Harm in their schools and work places.

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Pricing - make your budget go further

Our flexible licensing delivers value for money without long term tie ins.

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AltoSites has a number of features which enable it to be configured for international use including translation. 

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AltoSites Resources

White papers, brochures and case studies

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