Better Software for your Built Environment

Altuity's facilities, asset and maintenance management software enables you to realise greater value from your built environment assets by making them work harder for you. Manage your buildings and estates, workplace or construction site assets, inspections, maintenance, contracts, leases, insurances and documents over the cloud. 


Whether you’re in an education or a commercial environment, we democratise access to asset and maintenance management software by providing comprehensive functionality at an affordable price. We do this by delivering you appropriate, fit-for-purpose enterprise-level functionality, without the complexity and without the big ticket price.


Discover how AltoSites helps you manage buildings, estates and assets or how AltoSUE, our underground asset management system, helps you manage underground assets and buried services.

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Using plans in FM
Easy access to facilities management data
Data Insight and Analytics in FM

Smarter working

A visual perspective on your work

Intelligent Insight into your data

You've invested in having site or floor plans produced - why not use them within your premises or facilities management activities? Plans become a highly visual background against which you manage your data. Day to day operations become easier and you quickly benefit from intuitive insights.

Integrated plans and photospheres give you a unique 2D and 360° view of your data. For the first time you can see data such as assets or maintenance and facilities requests overlaid on both environments. Understanding information suddenly becomes much easier. Share the data with site teams and contractors improving the information they have before site visits saving you time and money.

Dashboards and reports complement the uses of plans and photospheres. These provide insights into your data and make sharing of information with your colleagues easy to do and easy for them to understand. Dashboards and reports can be customised so you get what you need.