Keep your buildings and assets clean and safe

Keeping buildings and assets clean has always been an important job. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more so. It’s critical to keeping buildings open and safe and for the wellbeing of those learning and working inside.

Building users, cleaning teams, site and facilities staff are all are affected. Creating the right level of assurance for people to feel confident and safe is vital.

In addition, cleaning costs have dramatically increased so being able to effectively manage cleaning operations has never been more important.


Simple, cost effective, easy to use

Our cleaning management software can be used with or without barcodes and QR codes. Cleaning data is managed in a cloud based system to deliver operational efficiencies and strategic insights into your cleaning operations.

Being quick and easy to use by cleaning staff, site teams and management in the estate or in the office saves you time and costs.  There’s no need to spend time calling cleaners or checking on site cleaning templates to find out what’s been done.

Bar codes can tag areas and assets being cleaned. For example, tagging a room space will make it easy to see and record new cleaning activities as well as viewing the cleaning history.

You can also tag other areas or assets. For example, extractor fans or even communal or shared resources such as showers,  school boarding accommodation and minibuses.

Floor plans provide a quick top down look at the spaces to be cleaned and any assets within them. Optionally complement the floor plan view by using integrated 360 degree images. These make it much easier to visualise a location if you’re not familiar with it and to deal with problems remotely.  

Key Features

  • Create cleaning team bubbles
  • Create cleaning jobs by area, room space and at asset level
  • Easy data collection using bar codes and configurable cleaning templates
  • Identify isolation bubbles and contaminated areas on floor plans
  • Trigger alerts such as maintenance issues being raised in isolation bubbles requiring PPE to access.
  • Schedule cleaning e.g. daily, weekly
  • Respond to ad hoc cleaning needs
  • Track cleaning dates/times/whether completed or not and any issues
  • Receive alerts e.g. issues encountered during cleaning
  • Dashboard reports provide operational and strategic insights
  • Optionally integrate cleaning into your asset/maintenance management processes

Simple, integrated processes help make your premises clean and safe.

Integrated or stand alone? You win either way.

Collect your cleaning data and manage it on its own or as part of other asset, maintenance and compliance processes supported by our other software modules.

Standalone or integrated you’ll benefit from:

  • Less worry – know when cleaning activities are due; when they were done; who did them and whether any problems were encountered. 
  • Quick views – see what needs cleaning and when by mapping the location of key assets/cleaning areas on floor plans.
  • Less stress – cleaning alerts and reminders notify you if a cleaner has a problem or if follow up action is required.
  • Better risk management – create cleaning team bubbles and cleaning areas to manage the risk of contamination and to visually identify isolation bubbles.
  • Better outcomes – use a dashboard and reports to provide vital KPI information to you and your colleagues.

If you use the cleaning software with other modules integrate your cleaning activities into your maintenance and asset management processes. 



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