Easy to use hardware

On-site contractor staff and field operatives often work in challenging environments. Equipment must be resilient, portable and easy to use. Using unproven hardware can lead to problems locating underground assets and increases commercial risk.

AltoSUE™ can use simple RFiD markers to tag all buried assets and/or a single type of near surface RFiD marker for survey use. Data is stored in a database – not on the marker making it securely accessible off-site and on-site. Using familiar tablets or smartphones in the field ensures the whole process is quick and easy to use and doesn’t require special knowledge. Improve the visualisation of your buried assets by capturing 360° photospheres using simple to operate cameras.

Simplicity of use

Using a single type of RFiD marker eliminates the risk of assets being incorrectly tagged. It also simplifies pre-site planning and stock control. There is no need for complicated stock management and makes on site use simple and efficient – simply ‘grab and tag’.

As well as taking photographs you can use a 360° camera to capture photospheres of your underground assets. Quick and easy to do these provide the ability to virtually ‘walk’ a trench and to pan and zoom the image unlike a static photograph.

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