We're keen to work with like-minded organisations who want to add value or differentiate their offerings. Here are some areas where we think we can help:


Site, Facilities and Asset Owners

  • Enhance your ability to manage your own or your clients' sites
  • Offer added-value services to your clients

Service Providers e.g. maintenance contractors, construction / survey companies

  • White-label our software under your own brand to create new business opportunities.
  • Give your existing services a point of difference, improving your competitive positioning

Implementation Partners e.g. consultancy companies, photography agencies

  • Provide consultancy and training on our software.
  • Provide photographic services to support the collection of 360° photospheres for our clients


  • Our software is flexible and translatable making it ready for international use
  • Resell our software to create a new revenue stream for your business
  • Provide in-country support, implementation and training services

Software Application Developers

  • Integrate your application into our software to extend your offering
  • Use our software as the portal to support your mobile facilities, asset or maintenance app

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to discuss a partnership or collaboration. Just get in touch.


Read about some of our partners:

Jane Stapleton Photography

Established in 1991 we've become one of the UK's largest and most progressive school and nursery photography companies. JS Photo is our commercial brand aimed at providing high-quality imagery and specialist 360° photospheres for today’s modern markets.

JS Photo and Photospheres


Key2iD specialises in designing and developing radio frequency identification (RFID) based Asset Management solutions for construction and manufacturing.  We use Altuity's technology combined with our mobile app and RFID capability to provide a comprehensive solution - Site-Track®. This enables users to manage onsite construction assets including buried services and underground assets.




Bristol-based OnlineVR specialises in producing ultra-high resolution (16K) 360° interactive photosphere images. These allow online audiences to explore a space or area as if they're really there by clicking and dragging to look around a photosphere.


Shot in HDR, our 132 mega-pixel ultra-high resolution images are 4x the resolution of "Off the shelf" 360° camera systems. This means your space appears crisp and evenly lit within Altuity's software..


University of Bristol

We've collaborated on a large number of research and development projects with The University of Bristol’s Engineering Faculty. The focal point for recent collaboration has been the Design and Manufacturing Futures laboratory who have provided expert guidance and assistance on R&D activities, as well as analysing future technologies and industry trends. Projects have explored condition monitoring, engineering project management, virtual reality, augmented reality and Building Information Management. We're currently investigating new approaches for digital-physical twinning and the use of gamification and photospheres for training.

Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab