Walk your roof from your desktop

Service providers and facilities managers can use plans, aerial images and 360 degree photospheres to manage roof information.

Asset, condition and maintenance information can be seen in its real-world location making it much easier to understand.

The ability to virtually 'walk' the roof using the 360 degree imagery is a powerful feature. It's easier and safer than regaining access! It creates a collaborative experience for service providers to engage with their customers and for facilities managers to use internally e.g. to gain approvals and sign off.

Roof inspection and condition dataManaging your roof in 2D and 360 degrees
DroneRoofInspectionv2A close up view of a drone image overlaid on a plan showing point based data and polygon data e.g. the area of a roof to be repaired. Our maintenance and inspection functionality (under the 'Site Management' menu above) can be applied to manage your roof data as well as viewing it.