Free maintenance software for schools

With schools re-opening more fully it’s important to maintain the buildings and the assets within them.

Many schools use paper or spread sheets to manage these processes. This maybe fine with closely knit teams working together but keeping information easily up to date and sharing and reporting on it is much more challenging in the current circumstances.

We’re offering FREE and NO OBLIGATION access to the maintenance features in AltoSites to help you keep on top of your maintenance activities during these challenging times.



Key features


  • Free access until 30th September, 2020
  • Record, update and manage reactive and planned maintenance
  • Receive automated email alerts e.g. for urgent job requests
  • SBM or bursar level access to key maintenance metrics via a dashboard
  • Unlimited number of users within your school
  • Optional ability to use floor plans
  • Pre-configured for immediate use
  • 100% cloud based – simple to access with no local installation
  • Free 20 minute online training session to get you and your staff up and running.

At the end of the free offer period simply decide whether to take your data or move to a paid subscription.

Yes I’d like to find out more about the free maintenance software offer

Please reserve my place on the next free 30 minute webinar on 25th June, 2020 at 10am where I can watch a demo and learn more about the offer.

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