AltoSUE Overview

AltoSUE™ is an underground asset management system bringing positional intelligence to your underground assets at any time, on and offsite by using maps, site plans and 360° photospheres.

Positional intelligence is more than simply location data. It means that you know where underground assets such as water, gas, electric and fibre optics are located minimising the likelihood of damage while improving the effectiveness of installation and maintenance works. Positional intelligence enables you to access data about those assets - type, depth, material, photographs etc when and where needed.
Monitor onsite works remotely - know what has been done, by who and when. Improve tracking, audit and health and safety processes.

Studies have shown that improving subsurface utility engineering information can deliver an ROI from x3 to x20.

Discover the processes involved in AltoSUE in the diagram below and read more about how AltoSUE can benefit you by clicking on the 'Underground Asset Management' menu. 

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Underground asset management system brochure View or Download the AltoSUE Brochure