Store everything in one place in the cloud

AltoSites gives you instant access to your documents through a secure online portal, anytime, anywhere - in the office or on the move. Bringing all your site and asset information together - instantly accessible through a web browser - saves time and costs. Locating information on a map, site and floor plans improves understanding and helps identify gaps in data enabling you to manage risk better.


You can also associate compliance certificates or service records with assets for easy access to them at any time and for audit purposes. Storing contract, lease or insurance related information means you'll benefit from automatic reminders about upcoming renewals. No more missed renewals or automatically renewing a contract without reviewing it first because of a missed termination date.

Safe and Secure Media

With AltoSites you can store historical and current documents in in one central repository, removing silos of information. A range of queries enable you to efficiently search for documents or key words within them.


Role based security protects the security and privacy of documents ensuring users can only access those documents they're authorised to see.