Managing information overload in schools and multi-academy trusts is extremely challenging. How can management information systems better help busy school leaders cope with the pressure and workloads this creates?

For some data the answer lies within all of us.

When you read or listen to information you’re only likely to remember 10% of it 3 days later. However combine that information with images and that percentage increases to 65%. This is known as the Picture Superiority Effect.

Our brains are also finely tuned to intuitively recognise patterns and clusters from visual data. This ability helps us make sense of the world in quick and meaningful ways.

It’s why visual media is so appealing. This explains the success of platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Or take the iconic London Underground map. Imagine trying to work out the relationships between stations and the number of stops to determine the best route without a map.

Read this article, published in the Educator magazine, to see how managing information overload in schools can benefit from the use of the Picture Superiority Effect. It might make your workload easier, improve communication and collaboration and get more buy-in and understanding from key stakeholders such as other members of the SLT, governors and trustees.

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