Statement by Steve Voller, Founder.

Company values are extremely important and capture the essence of what an organisation stands for, believes in and how it conducts itself in business and its impact on people and the planet.

As consumers we should have the freedom to decide which companies we engage with based on our own personal beliefs and preferences. Freedom of choice. The tweet from my personal account related to my spending not Altuity’s.

Free speech and unbiased, impartial news are important.

Altuity has a set of values and ethics. Some have commented that we don’t do business with any organisation which does not support our values. Some have confused values and politics. To be clear Altuity does not know nor ask what other organisation’s political beliefs might be. The political beliefs of their employees is also not a concern of ours.

However, Altuity does have a set of values which reflect our business beliefs, principles and decisions. These influence who we work with and our relationships with customers, stakeholders, business partners and suppliers. You’ll find that other organisations have their own values too.

This is a summary of ours.


We believe in treating every-one equally and actively listening to all voices in the room. Differences of opinion are welcomed as long as they are expressed respectfully without any bullying, prejudice, intimidation or hate speech. People should feel empowered and safe in their workplace.

Respect also extends to other organisations in our business sector. For example, you won’t find us denigrating our competitors.

Companies are free to position themselves as they want and to decide who they want to work with as customers or suppliers based on their own standards.

Honesty and integrity

We are open and transparent in the way we work with customers or those organisations interested in our services. We have fair and equitable contract terms. We fully comply with legislation related to operating a business such as fair employment or sub-contract terms, child labour and modern slavery legislation, tax regulations, anti-bribery and corruption laws, and data privacy.


We hope all organisations are striving to minimize their impact on the World as we’re trying to. This includes how they operate, their customers and supply chains.


It’s been good to see the above have never been a problem for any organisation that we’ve come across.

However, if to our knowledge an organisation was not following similar standards to the above then we absolutely reserve the right not to work with them and to report any illegality to the relevant authorities.

You’ll find that other organisations have similar standards of their own.

I hope this has helped explain the situation with respect to the right of you or I to choose who we engage with as individuals and how Altuity has a set of values that it also works to.

As we work in the business to business sector we don’t believe in, and have no need to, store peoples’ personal contact details. So if you’d like further information about how Altuity operates please contact us using this form.

Thank you for taking the time to understand us better!

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