Get the whole picture on your buildings, assets and buried services.

Software to manage the built environment.

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What we do

More control, better outcomes

Altuity makes it easier for you to manage your facilities, estates, maintenance, compliance, above ground and underground assets.

Our ground-breaking software brings together everything about your site into one place. This comprehensive and integrated view of your facilities and assets saves you valuable time and costs and reduces risk.

More control means fewer nasty surprises, less stress and, ultimately, better outcomes for everyone.

Gain insights

Maps, site and floor plans, optional 360° images and rich dashboards visually consolidate your data giving you actionable insights.

Work smarter

Safe, compliant workplaces, education estates and construction sites enhance efficiency, save money and support wellbeing.

Minimise time to value

Get up and running swiftly with modular licensing to ensure you only pay for the features you use – without long term contracts.

Future proofing

Fully configurable software to suit your evolving needs protects your investment and your operations.

Our solutions

Software to manage and maintain the built environment

Our uniquely rich visualisation technology makes it easy to see the bigger picture. You’ll be in better control of your asset, estate, premises, maintenance and compliance management processes.

Create safer and more productive workspaces, learning environments and construction sites empowering you, your team and the people around you.

“AltoSites has given the Academy a much greater understanding of the organizational side of our work and the governing body feel much more confident that we are compliant and that we are risk aware. It will save you time and money. It has us.”


Deputy Head
Churchill Academy and Sixth Form

“The new system provides clear communication lines for the staff using it as well as for the Estates office, an element of ownership of the job requested and improves time management with clarity provided on the progress of the job requested.” 


Facilities Manager
Derwen College

“AltoSites is getting a lot of use and is great, we keep making new discoveries! It has the option of being as technical as you like or it can be used at a base level which can be expanded upon when ready.” 


Operations Supervisor
Mary Hare School

“It has been an incredibly useful bit of software for us over the last year, particularly as we currently have no caretakers at either of our sites!”


Administration Assistant
The Dales School

Latest insights

National Network of Special Schools

National Network of Special Schools

Altuity is pleased to announce that we’ve become a commercial partner with the National Network of Special Schools (NNoS) for school business professionals. NNoS supports…

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New software launched

Cleaning management software

Promote wellbeing, confidence and assurance in your workplace or school with our new cleaning management software. It’ll provide insights into your cleaning activities which is more important now than its ever been.

Facilities and Underground Asset Software

Gain insights | Work smarter | Better outcomes

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