What keeps FMs and SBMs awake at night?


Sometimes the role of facilities managers, SBMs and site teams tasked with ensuring buildings and estates are safe, well maintained and compliant can seem daunting. In this blog we look at how facilities management dashboards, analytics, static reports and ‘live’ data replays combined with floor plans and 360-degree imagery can help.

There’s continual pressure from people living and working in buildings to get issues resolved while juggling the need to keep costs down and work with limited resources.

It may seem like a thankless task, when coupled with recent Twitter traffic for example, that suggests some school site teams are feeling a little under appreciated during the holiday periods. It may be anecdotal but perception is reality.

So how best to stay in control, informed and how best to report to stakeholders what’s been going on across the estate?

Clearly quality data and accurate information sit at the heart of every FM’s operational efficiency. And over recent times, things have become more sophisticated.


How best to keep track of assets in buildings?


Altuity’s AltoSites provides an online visual representation of all of the estate’s buildings and assets. You can pinpoint every detail, every window and door as well as all plant and equipment on site and floor plans.

This information allows FMs and SBMs to not only understand in detail the age and service record of all assets, but also fixtures and fittings, doors and windows and much more. This is coupled with 360-degree imagery, so information and images can be passed to maintenance teams and contractors with real confidence.

This detailed information is available on any mobile device so that site teams have access to it where-ever they are.

Managing job requests
Heatmap of faciliites jobs

In addition, an FM or SBM can now display and scroll through a historical record of all assets and all maintenance work on a time slider. This ‘live’ replay of activities provides a different insight into where, when and what asset or maintenance activities are taking place at site or even at floor plan level.

Watch the short video to see how this works!

Static reports, live facilities management dashboards, and trend-based reporting are all extremely important tools to have, and the time slider is a powerful add-on for the FM or SBM to have in his or her arsenal.

This visual representation of data and information is extremely helpful in demonstrating the ongoing asset, maintenance and compliance needs of buildings and estates.

The FM/SBM’s role is becoming more complicated


As buildings and building management systems become more complicated, the role of the FM/SBM becomes more onerous. Not only are there constant pressures to drive costs down and to reduce risks, there are also new challenges around embedded carbon and the drive to achieve carbon neutrality. 

Altuity’s AltoSites offers a solution by providing static reports, live dashboards, trend-based reporting and even time sliding data replays making the role of the FM/SBM more effective and efficient.

Easy presentation and understanding of your asset, maintenance and compliance work will also increase awareness and appreciation among non-FM colleagues! 


Book a demo to see how AltoSites can help you and your team. 

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