The Connected Places Catapult (CPC) and Altuity have completed a review of the housing retrofit process. As a result we’ve identified how and where Altuity technology can best deliver retrofit software for better retrofits.

For instance, Altuity’s floor plan, 360-degree and 3D scanning visualization technology combined with embedded data collection and asset management features can be adopted by retrofit professionals across the retrofit process:


  • Surveying and capturing information to determine interventions
  • Providing contextualization information to retrofit designers
  • Improving access to site-specific information for tender purposes
  • Better information to support delivering, including planning works, project management and quality management
  • Enabling remote site inspection through visualisation of site works, integration of relevant competent person certifications (e.g. Approved Document Part P).
  • Site inspection and snagging
  • Management of routine maintenance and building performance evaluation

The Retrofit Journey

Image describing the different steps involved in retrofit from survey through to post-works auditing.

Retrofit software for better retrofits: Assessors

Let’s look at one process such as collecting survey data for retrofit purposes.

Data to support retrofits are currently collected manually, with the process often relying on notepads and cameras. This leads to issues, such as: 

  • The same data being collected multiple times.
  • Data being stored in different formats.
  • Inconsistencies between datasets.
  • Information gaps. 
  • Time and effort intensive increasing costs.

For retrofit assessors, this means they lack information needed to do their jobs or are faced with inconsistencies needing to be resolved. 

Data collection can be costly and inefficient, and discrepancies across surveys make it difficult to aggregate data across multiple dwellings to yield higher-level insights.

However, the use of in-field software running on smartphones and tablets significantly reduces or eliminates these problems.  It also leads to better margins on each survey making them more profitable and, from the time savings, increases the capacity to do more surveys.

The benefits of retrofit software 

As well as retrofit assessors our retrofit software will also help:

  • coordinators,
  • designers/advisors, and
  • project managers.

Whilst we initially examined the housing retrofit sector our technology can be used across residential and commercial buildings as well.

The retrofit sector is under pressure to deliver as a result of climate change and a focus on improving the sustainability of buildings.  These demands, and those of a growing market, mean that Altuity’s technology has a huge role to play in assisting retrofit professionals deliver quality outcomes to the end beneficiaries from residents to commercial organisations.

Contact us to hear how the work we’re doing to create software for better retrofits can help you in your work!


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