With our partners, JS Photography, we recently ran an award for the “Most Splendid Supporter of Schools during Covid”.

This award was inspired by the often unrecognised work of individuals and organisations who have worked with or in schools during Covid-19.  Given this commitment we wanted to give SBMs, SBLs and SLTs the opportunity to nominate who they felt should be recognised.

Rather than the award being externally judged the nominees were then voted for – it truly is an award by schools for schools.

The whole school community really engaged with this idea and we received over 20 nominations with some incredible messages of endorsement. Over 300 people voted which was really pleasing to see.

The Winner – Community Wardens (@Communitywarden) 


Congratulations to Community Wardens from Sudbury Town council on being voted the winners.  

Community Wardens were nominated by Daniel Woodrow, Headteacher, St. Gregory CEVC Primary School, Sudbury.

Daniel’s nomination captured the commitment and wide ranging support shown by Bradley, Community Warden’s manager, Warden Ben, Apprentice Evie & Tyler, Street Warden Todd:

“Throughout the first lockdown Bradley and his team went above and beyond to support my school and other schools in the area.


They were incredibly kind and proactive offering their help and services whenever they felt they could make a difference. E.g.      spray painting social distancing signs; collecting and distributing food from supermarkets to schools for families in need; organising an Easter competition for children unable to go to school; bringing wellbeing packs for school staff looking after key worker and vulnerable children.


None of these things were in their remit.


They brought the community together at a difficult time; were supportive and inclusive and gave us all something to smile about.”


It’s really pleasing to see a community inspired team win this award given the breadth of support they’ve provided to school pupils, school staff and the community itself. Well done Community Wardens.

Prize draw winner

We also ran a prize draw picked from SBMs, SBLs and the SLTs who nominated, commented on, liked or tweeted during the award process.

The winner was @ruralSBM.

Congratulations and @ruralSBM tells us the prize is to be shared among the Trust’s Central Head Office team – a great gesture!


Additional surprise award

With so many excellent nominations we decided to award an additional prize to @AbidemiAA.

Abi received a high number of votes for her commitment and for giving her time and energy to the #SBL community.

Thank you!

On behalf of JS Schools Photography we’d like to thank every-one who got into the spirit of the “Most Splendid Supporter of Schools award during Covid” award.

This spirit has shown that in an extremely challenging year people do step up and are prepared to go that extra mile to help others.  

And who knows maybe the award will be back next year although hopefully without the “Covid” tag!

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