Visually-led CAFM software makes life easier for our users!

In our latest case study this was the conclusion of the maintenance manager at Tops Day Nurseries.

With a growing number of sites to manage – currently 40 and a geographically dispersed maintenance team it was becoming increasingly difficult to:

  • Respond to job requests quickly and efficiently
  • Keep staff informed on the actions being taken
  • Track the allocation of work across the team
  • Analyse trends and deliver reports to the rest of the management team

And so after evaluating the market looking at functionality, and the all important cost, Tops choose to move to AltoSites.


One important benefit of using AltoSites has been to assist with optimising the allocation of work across the maintenance teams and enhancing the visibility of the work being done.

As Glenn, the maintenance manager, comments:

With the information we now have we’ve realised how much work the maintenance team was doing but wasn’t showing in the old system. We’re able to move staff around after realising the work load for each site varied considerably

Tops Day Nurseries case study cover page

The maintenance team and staff in the nurseries love the visual elements of the software. These include a map-based front end showing the location of all of Tops sites and floor plans for each site. Maintenance jobs and assets are mapped directly onto the plans making it easy to identify where a job is located in a room.

Read more about how visually-led CAFM software makes life easier at Tops (and could for you too!) on our resources page.

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