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Unlock the value of your site information

Altuity delivers simplicity to site management in a way that’s sophisticated yet affordable. Our value-based innovation offers site and facilities managers a new way forward – especially those with limited budgets and resources.

Our solutions remove complexity by consolidating all of your site records into one hub in the cloud, making them easily accessible in the office or on the move. You have complete control of your sites increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Our solutions enable you to realise greater value from your site information by making it work harder for you. You can use site plans in a unique way by making them integral to the process of managing a site in a highly visual spatial environment. Overlay specific site and asset data – ranging from defects through to above and underground assets - on plans within your browser.

Ultimately we want our solutions to enhance your work and improve the effectiveness of works and site activities while ensuring a safer working environment.

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